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cone of uncertainty stretching from the florida pan handle to the shores of louisiana. the storm has crashed the gop convention. lashed florida with wind and rain, prompted the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights in just the last 24 hours. the state of louisiana and the city of new orleans is preparing for a potential big hit with eerie timing. it's seven years to the week that hurricane katrina slammed on shore and swallowed the big easy. >> do you have a message for the people of new orleans? >> our thoughts are with the people in the storm's path and hope that they're spared any major destruction. >> would you give thoughts to canceling the convention? into got a great convention ahead. >> the national hurricane center issued the latest update on isaac. nbc meteorologist bill karins has the details for us on that. explain what we're seeing about isaac and exactly where is it headed? is it going to be directly to new orleans? >> that's the big story right now, is the storm is heading for new orleans, no storm in the change path with this advisory. pinpointing new orleans an
>>> here comes your ties it tens of thousands with the florida keys how big the storm is expected to get and when it is expected to make landfall republican organizers scrambled to reorganize the schedule the major change for mitt romney's official nomination. >>> no attempt to sensor the peace >>> a painting from the bay area artist some might call disturbing it is called jump the golden gate club. it is not included on an art festivals website >>> we begin with the developing story trouble storm eyes and hurricane warnings in effect from new orleans to the florida panhandle states of emergency in place hundreds of flights cancelled as the storm marches toward gulf of mexico. karen brown is in key largo florida with the latest >>> is it racing towards the northern part of the gulf coast mayor of new orleans told residents to be on high alert and get prepared now. in key largo they breathed a sigh of relief they feel they dodge a bullet. >>> is it bring 60 mile per hour wins rain and rough surf to the florida keys in key largo some people not let the storm ruin their weekends. he
isaac is now a hurricane and florida is bracing for it. >>> and politics no match for isaac as he moves north, the republican convention is under threat, and some events are cancelled. >> one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. >> mankind loses a legend, a life and career and inspiration of neil armstrong. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye and it is 8:00 on the east coast and 5:00 a.m. out west, and thank you for starting the morning with us. we begin with tropical storm isaac who has already killed two people in haiti where the streets are rivers. now the storm is barreling toward florida just in time for the republican national convention in tampa. it is throwing a wrench into the rn c's carefully planned schedule. monday's big opening events are on hold and more on that in a moment. isaac could strengthen into a hurricane as it crosses the florida keys possibly as soon as tonight. heavy rains are expected all through today. we are covering isaac at all angles and bonnie schneider is at the cnn weather center and paul steinhouse ser in tampa, and begin with jim
tormenta tropical isaac azotó a cuba después de su paso por haiti, y sigue su rumbo a la florida, donde podría llegar como huracán, por lo que se declaró el estado de emergencia, se registraron olas de hasta 18 pies, marejadas e inundaciones en baracua. >>> alrededor de 8 mil familias fueron desplazadas y al menos 300 viviendas en santo domingo por el paso de la tormenta tropical isaac, mientras tanto en haiti las autoridades desalojaron a miles de personas y los medios locales hablan de al menos 3 muertos. >>> las calles en barahona se transformaron en ríos, después de las llvus de la tormenta tropical isaac. >>>e so no es el río, esa es la lluvia he estado sacando desde la mañana para podder caminar. >>> hay una casa donde varias familias no pueden salir porque se les fue le puente. >>> estamos acorralados, porque se fue el puente. >>> la agricultura y la ganadería sufrieron los efectos de la tormenta tropical. >>> ahora nos ha destruido todos los sembrados. >>> los cultivos de plátano se han ido. >>> alrededor de 10 pueblos están incomunicados por la crecida de ríos. >>> l
from louisiana to florida. it changes plans for the republican national convention of things shake out with a three day schedule experts said it could alter the future of tablet and phone design meet to jurors who sided with apple in the case against samsung. trouble storm isaac gained strength over florida keys when stopping 65 mi. per hour on course to make landfall as a hurricane wednesday. the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. communities from florida to louisiana prepare for the impact. reporter karen brown in key largo florida >>> right now buys it intensifies as it heads towards the gulf mandatory evacuation orders in place in low-lying areas of florida and alabama and louisiana. they are starting to clean up locals call the storm category none. fierce winds whipped through the keeps knocking down trees, while isaacs' rains caused flooding in south florida by sunday afternoon the dolphins are back out swimming and carol anderson takes down her storm shutters >>> not as bad as i thought >>> and you dodged a bullet >>> yes i did >>> officials say 23,000 visitors last ahead
florida. >>> hola que tal, les salud de la sede de la convenciÓn nacional republicana, que hoy Íi abriÓ sus puertas de lleno con una votaciÓn de los delegados que le da al ex gobernador de massachusetts, mitoment romney ser el candidato oficial de su partido junto a su compaÑero de fÓrmula. el congresista paul ryan. una de las metas de la convenciÓn serÁ para el electorado una opciÓn para solucionar los problemas econÓmicos y otros del paÍs. pero mientras esto sucede aquÍ en tampa. los estados del adolfo de mÉxico enfrentan los efectos de isaac, que es huracÁn categorÍa 1 y amenaza a los estados de la florida, alabama, mississippi y lousiana, y entre tanto se pronostican oleadas gigantes entre 6 a 20 pulgadas de lluvia. se anuncio un contingente de 33. 500 miembros de la guardia nacional, listos para realizar labores de emergencia. hay un centenar de helicÓpteros y otras aeronaves disponibles para apoyar seguridad, bÚsqueda y rescate. y para lo Último sobre la trayectoria de isaac. estamos con john morales de nbc muy buenas tardes, adelante. >>> estÁ llegando el centro d
where airlines have canceled hundreds of flights as tropical storm isaac lashes southeastern florida battling the keys this evening expected to gain strength as it moves over the gulf of mexico. the storm could make landfall somewhere along the gulf coast. >> reporter: isaac is now barreling towards the gulf coast and they have issued a hurricane warning that includes new orleans. the mayor of that city is telling his citizens to get ready and get ready now. here in key largo they are breathing a sigh of relief. they really feel like think dodged a bullet on this one. one-- they dodged a bullet on this one. isaac is bringing 60 mile-per- hour winds, rain and sufficient refer to the florida keys. in key -- surf to the florida keys. in key largo some surfers aren't getting it ruin their weekend. what is making you feel safe? >> we put up all the industrial grade shutters. >> reporter: karla and steven pritchard aren't taking any chances. they woke up early to head home. you guys just got married and you're getting out of town. >> we are. >> reporter: the newlyweds refused to let the
today," all eyes on isaac. florida's gulf coast watches and waits as tropical storm isaac churns in the caribbean. >>> game over. lance armstrong gives up his fight against doping allegations and loses seven tour de france titles. >>> and fresco fiasco. a spanish woman's attempt at art >>> and fresco fiasco. a spanish woman's attempt at art restoration go horribly wrong. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello. very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. today we begin with a storm threat. tropical storm isaac is still hundreds of miles away. a direct impact has florida residents preparing now. nbc's kirk gregory has the latest. >> reporter: wind and rain in puerto rico. a glancing blow from tropical storm isaac as the system meanders across the caribbean. hurricane warnings are in effect for the dominican republic and in haiti where aid groups are mobilizing to assist the thousands of people still struggling i make-shift shelters 2.5 years after an earthquake destroyed the capitol city. >> the next 24 hours will be critical for the population of haiti and
to attend a campaign event in provincetown, massachusetts. he was planning a campaign swing through florida. but he postponed the trip to ensure local law enforcement and emergency management can stay focused on tropical storm isaac. the appearance is for reporters only. we'll bring you any news the vice-president might make. tweet us your questions for our panel of pollsters later this hour. >> we start off the second our here, a special sunday edition of "happening now." i'm jenna lee. that's john scott. the national hurricane center just issuing an updated track for tropical storm isaac, as that storm headses for the keys. >> we say it's heading there, but the outer bands are already hitting miami and miami beach. welcome to a new hour. isaac is gaining strength. forecasters expect it will be near hurricane strength when it makes landfall on the keys. the storm lashed eastern cuba yesterday, causing severe flooding, downing trees and powerlines, at least four people are dead in haiti. at least three more missing in the dominican republic. isaac expected to make landfall in the keys later
in the low-lying areas to voluntary evacuate. so before louisiana, there is still south florida in play right now. and other parts of florida along the west coast that are keeping a close watch. we have correspondents spread across the state following isaac. as it moves in. so let's go to the florida keys which seems maybe it has dodged the bullet. that's where we find cnn's john zarrella. john, you got a break from isaac in terms of being relatively calm right now. but no one's really gone out to really assess completely. we just know there is standing water in some areas, right? >> yes, no question about it. when you talk about the keys, you're talking about 100 miles of just a chain of islands all connected by a series of causeways, series of bridges, small spits of land and certainly over years when you've had hurricanes approaching from either direction, whether it was from the west or the east towards the florida keys you get overwash, a lot of debris that washes up. you get flooding in the low-lying areas. this storm approaching certainly on the atlantic side. they had more wind and ra
, connie mack of florida is in the opening session at 7:00. we will also hear from newt and callista gingrich. he is now speaking at the event this evening. we'll also hear from craig romney, will talk about his father. other speakers include jeb bush, former governor of florida, also bobw white. we will hear some stories about mick romney's time as governor, also personal reflections on him and his time working for the olympics. kerry healey speaks, and also jane edmonds. and former olympic athletes will talk about mitt romney and as well. it comes together in the final hour this evening with mitt romney speaking. he will be introduced by senator marco rubio of florida. but romney gives his acceptance speech after that. c-span is in tampa, florida. you can see a live shot their of the tampa bay times forum, where things are getting ready. we have behind-the-scenes look for preparations of the speeches. over 13,000 members of the media are intact but this week covering this event. c-span is not the only one there. bringing you news from television, also all kinds of media are on hand
at this hour. already, battering parts of florida with high winds, heavy rain. tonight, the new path just out. another american city preparing. abc's weather editor sam champion leading our extreme weather team, out in force tonight. >>> rain check. sudden changes at the republican convention. not taking any chances. their new kickoff time. and the captain on their first night? ann romney. why they are counting on her at this convention. >>> too heavy to treat? tonight, the new controversy. the patient who says she was turned away. she says the doctor told her she was too overweight. the outrage tonight and what that doctor is saying now. >>> and the american hero. those first steps on the moon, the world watching. where were you that night? what was the white house preparing just in case? as we unearth that rare abc news interview with neil armstrong's parents in the hours before he landed on the moon. >> do you have any idea what neil's first words might be when he steps off on the moon? >> i hope he says something that unites the world. >>> good evening on this sunday night. and we begin h
will be possible across the keys. flooding will be a real threat and parts of south florida enhancement leoflt thunderstorm activity has occurred with isaac near the center, just a lot of heavy rain occurring across the keys and south florida right now. it could be a category one hurricane by 8:00 p.m. by w maximum winds of 75 miles an hour. it should be out of the keys by then and gradual improvement but isaac is a very large storm system, patrolman force winds extend 200 miles from the center. you are will see an impact widespread and early wednesday morning it could be a category 2 hurricane to the east of new orleans. i wanted to point out rev reliable computer models and have actually stated the storm system could be further west. we need to close watch on the storm. >> jon: this bears watching no matter where it is headed. >> right now brand-new stories and breaking news. >> republicans gearing up for convention as isaac threatens florida, live in tampa on the changes the g.o.p. is making. >> jon: plus how republicans think they can beat president obama and how undecided voters figure in
of tropical storm isaac as it threatens the florida coast. isaac could strengthen into a hurricane tomorrow as it hits the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. just minutes ago florida closed the ports of miami, everglades, and miami beach. florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency today. people who live along the south florida coast bracing for the storm's arrival now. key west airport stopped all flights tonight because of the weather. isaac is already blamed for at least four deaths in haiti. storm 4 meteorologist kim martucci is here now with the latest on isaac's track. what do you see? >> the winds are still 60 miles an hour, jim. good evening. and isaac is going to skirt just along the north central coast of cuba tonight. and its winds, the tropical stormforce winds go out about 205 miles from its center. and it's right now about 340 miles east-southeast of key west. now, the path of this anticipated storm brings it to hurricane status probably sometime tomorrow, and you can see it stays off the mainland of florida but does still have the path to bring it into the weste
>> right now, reports of widespread electrical power outages across south florida as isaac takes aim and mandatory evacuations already in parts of new orleans. i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. >> storm surge, it's a potential hazard all the way around from louisiana to southern florida. >> a powerful deadly storm on a collision course with the gulf coast. parts of florida already feeling the pain, but now, forecasters say isaac could be headed to new orleans next. essentially making handfall exactly seven years after katrina. >> also, the storm's potential effects on this week's republican national convention in tampa. already been pushed back an again. >> out of abundant caution and everyone's safety concerned, this is the right decision to make. >> tonight, the g.o.p. battens down the hatches as isaac threatens to crash the party. florida is already taking on the full force of trrm tropical storm isaac, it could become a category 2 hurricane and possibly slam new orleans on tuesday or wednesday, that would be the very same day the city marked seven years s
for the big convention here in florida, folks are already batting down the hatches for a storm that they are set to name "isaac." welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is "your world," coming to you from the northern gulf coast of florida. pensacola is as pretty as they get in a state engulfed in a fast changing of political storm and as crazy one as you would want because as swing states go, florida is not only swinging, but it is rocking. one of several big ones that could swing this entire election and whose 29 electoral votes could, again, decide the election. right now, a new poll from here could prove worrisome news for the president of the united states. 56 percent of voters in swing states like florida say they are not, not, not better off than four years ago. only 40 percent say they are. we are all over it. with one of the president's biggest cheerleader whose is not cheering now, why former democratic congressman archer davis will root for mitt romney at the convention here, a week from now. we are also with the last astronaut would walked on the moon. and we
're excited. in allendale, florida. it had much more impact on the state of florida than anyone anticipated. it actually caused it to shrivel up. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know, two strip clubs -- two strip clubs have been battling over the rights to the octo-mom's first stripping gig, which, kind of like fighting over the middle seat for a 14-hour flight to japan or something. somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 people showed up to see the octo-mom take her clothes off. those in attendance described it like "show girls" meet "raiders of the lost ark" where the faces melt off? they also charged $10 for autographs. $25 for pictures and $200 for private dances. that's right, for $200, you could have four extremely uncomfortable minutes with the octo-m octo-mom. for those of us who couldn't make it, someone was there to take pictures. this was from the first dance of the night. dressed as a dominatrix. the crowd threw wads of dollar bills, not because they were enjoying it, but they were trying to cover her up and that's all they had. this picture was from the second routine. she was dressed
on cnn sunday morning which starts right now. >> declared a state of emergency for the state of florida. >> tropical storm isaac picki up steam. now florida is bracing for a hurricane. we'll take you there live. >>> and politics are no match for mother nature as isaac moves north. the republican convention is under threat with some events already canceled. >>> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> mankind loses a legend. the life, the career, the inspiration of neil armstrong. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast. 4:00 a.m. out west. thank you very much for starting your morning with us. florida is under a state of emergency right now. tropical storm isaac racing toward the florida keys after trashing haiti and killing at least two people this. isaac could become a hurricane by the time it moves across the keys and into the gulf of mexico, possibly within hours. governor scott says florida knows what it has to do to get prepared. the keys, they've already started battening up the hatches. even as delegates arrived at the airpor
>> hurricane warnings are out from morgan city to destin, florida. you are looking at isaac right now, definite circulation, west of fort meyers now, heavy rain bands still occurring over central and south florida at there hour. you are wondering why they canceled the convention for today. umph in tampa, this will come in. secret service took down their ten so they are worried about people standing in the rain, getting in. if there are any transportation problems that could be a nightmare there. you can the see -- see the cloud tops here. it is still a tropical storm with winds of 65 miles per hour gusting to 75. the hurricane center's forecast track on it, the 5:00 advisory has it near the mouth of the mississippi river tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening as a category 1 storm. we were concerned category 2. it still may get there. they are going to bring it across southeast louisiana with new orleans just on the right side of the traffic. almost over new orleans proper. this would bring a lot of water. this is not katrina, but it would be on the seventh anniversary of katrina. >
the florida keys and new orleans now may be in its path. any moment now, florida governor rick scott will be updating the situation with the latest mandatory evacuations and storm preparations. we'll bring it to you live once it gets under way. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." tropical storm isaac is lashing south florida. new orleans, as we mentioned, now included in the hurricane watch. isaac is moving toward the west-northwest. winds are up to 65 miles per hour with higher gusts. isaac is expected to strengthen into a category two hurricane. we have the full forecast ahead for you. meantime in cuba, the storm spawned 13 foot waves that crashed over the sea walls. cuban tv said 50 builders were destroyed and they warn there is more damage to come. the storm has killed at least seven people in haiti. three are missing in the dominican republic. back here in the dwroous, thousands in florida are without power right now. meanwhile, residents are preparing for the worst and finding stores sold out of storm supplies. >>> the national hurricane center released a brand new advisory j
>> it tropical storm isaac bearing down on florida, causing problems for people living there and organizers of the republican national convention. now, a hurricane warning for new orleans. >> we have whether issues of our own. we will tell you where this of water shot popped up and a massive delays at the airports. >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. >> we have certainly seen our share of rain today and it has had a big impact. at the maryland state impact close -- state her clothes for the day and there was a four- hour delay at bwi. the shore has been hit particularly hard. this idea was posted on youtube earlier today -- actually we're going to show you that video later on. we do have a couple of different shots of the water spout. some videos coming in -- take a look at this. from top to bottom. >> the storm soaked many parts of the area. we have been tracking isaac and the stormy weather. >> it has been a very busy afternoon. the waterspout did not allow -- did not amount to a whole lot. the heaviest of the rain is moving
the derailment is $2.2 million. >> haiti is bracing for impact tonight, while florida and the gulf coast remained on high alert. >> the host city for next six gop convention is not out of the woods yet. >> tampa may be breathing a sigh of relief, but organizers say they continue to work with federal and state officials to monitor the storm. with 70,000 people expected to descend on tampa, florida governor says the show will go want. >>rnc is continuing their preparation. we continue to be optimistic that we will not have any issues. >> as the city gets ready for potential flooding, hundreds of miles away in michigan, mitt romney made -- >> we will soon be having a convention in tampa, florida. i am told the weather may be a little iffy. >> forecasters project isaac they stay west of tampa. >> mississippi's coast is would then -- within the cone of uncertainty. they call it that for a reason. >> the national hurricane center warns its path and the u.s. is tough to penpoint. >> we do not know exactly what isaac is going to do to particular parts of florida. this is a strong reminder that especially
of the island the dominican republic border to up windows of businesses on thursday. the florida governor's said people should gathered three days worth of supplies. in miami shoppers flooded this home depot in a rush to prepare for the worst. in the keys, hotels cut down branches and coconuts to prevent wind from turning them into a flying projectiles. the storm also threatens to visit the republican national convention, which begins in tampa, on monday. the event is expected to draw 50,000 visitors. the governor and the mayor said the city is prepared. >> tampa is open for business. we will have the convention. we will have a great convention. >> we are absolutely ready. the governor is right. we will have a great show starting on sunday night at the tropicana and the opening ceremonies will be here on monday. isaac is just a distraction. >> time for a check on our weather. >> let's find out what's happening for the weekend if. >> not a bad friday, but things will fall apart on the weekend. a better saturday to get the indoor tasks completed. you will be able to sneak out side a little this w
out of key west so folks can get out of dodge. we are expecting an update from florida governor rick scott. and the space agency scrapping the launch of a rocket. it is delayed until next thursday. michigan delegates don't know if they will vote in the gop convention. michigan one of five states penalized for breaking rnc rules by having an early presidential primary. to the guy in charge making all republicans happy he is the mayor of tamp a. mayor, good to have you. and how are things looking in your fine city. >> things are great. we prepared for a year and half to host the republican national convention. isaac who for a record is not a tampian or floridian. we deal with these storms every year and prepare tod deal with this one. >> neil: i know you want attention and focus on your city . it is it republicaning gathering all around you and you are in the belly of their beast. >> i feel great. for me it is an economic development opportunity for my city. our city is proud to host them. im a democrat but i am proud of the city that is hosting the republican national convention. we w
to decide go straight north over florida or back towards the gulf areas. we don't want to write off that option. the scary thing about the gulf option is bringing an intensifying storm through the florida keys into the northern, central gulf of mexico means it's a double whammy. hit the keys, south florida, and then you have all of that warm water, and this thing would go to a category three, four, or five. neil: you don't envision that? >> if this takes the western track, to me, there's nothing that would be in the way of stopping this. now -- neil: why? >> here's the thing. the thing put out in the weather bell forecast earlier this year was the central atlantic would be almost dormant. you saw what happened with joyce, fell apart. it would not intensify until in the caribbean. the area close to the united states, because of the overall weather pattern we're in this year, it's just loaded for development. remember those early season storms? all developed right near the coast? neil: right. >> the problem we have here is, and we may see it a couple more times, where something that l
amenaza al sur de la florida, la zona de mayor peligro son los cayos red ese estado por donde se pro nos tuca que pasarÁ ya como huracan este domingo. allÍ miles de personas se preparan para hacer frente al fenÓmeno, arlene amaro esta ahÍ para recibir ay saco y nos tiene lo ument, adelante. >>> buenas noches, yo me encuentro frente a la calle duval punto emblemÁtica en los cayos, a esta hora, no hay lluvia, hay personas transitando en la calle, sÍ se siente brisa pero las autoridades han dicho que si desea evacuar ahora es muy tarde porque se espera que el clima empeore en la maÑana del domingo dentro de pocas horas. >>> bajo advertencia de huracÁn estÁn los cayos de la florida, muchos negocios cerrados lacra ventana colocadas y bolsas de arena para proteger de inundaciones que se predice isaac provocarÁ aquÍ. >>> vengo de california, es mi primera vez en key west tenÍamos planes de estar aquÍ una semana, pero al saber de esta tormenta que va a llegar cambie los planes. >>> tenÍamos previsto irnos maÑana domingo pero autoridades nos recomiendan el recorrido en carretera po
for hurricane coverage down in florida. >> oh, boy. >> the storm is coming, there's no question about that. the big question is what will the intensity be as it moves through florida and then most likely up the a certain seaboard? looks like it's going to be one of those storms. 35 mile-an-hour winds trying to get its act together. the hurricane center has it crossing over the island of hispaniola friday in saturday. it will strengthen over the next two days and then should weaken. the big question is on sunday where does it come off the coast on cuba? if it comes earlier, it goes to warm water over florida. the amount of time this storm has to intensify from cuba to florida is very key in the intensity. we won't know that until sunday. that's really going to be the big day. we'll all be sitting there staring at the computers and at all the information coming in along with everyone else down there in the southeast. as of now it appears a hurricane will be approaching florida early monday morning, south florida and heading due north wards right up through the state. here's the closer view o
time. >> thank you for cleveland to speak, too, reverend sharpton. >> thank you. coming up, florida, florida, flori florida, ground zero in the medicare fight and could mean big problems for the romney team. and racing on garbage cans. it must be time for your summer break. [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants. ♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ guts. glory. ram. >>> we are back with a pause from the political battle of the day. a time to rest. relax and recharge. it is time for the "politics nation" summer break. we start on the streets of germany where taking out the trash has never been more fun. check this out. it is the annual garbage can world cup. look at this guy. the rabbit racer. nice costume. he is showing solid form as he nails the tough turn. not all of the daredevils. this guy needs to pick up the pace. and number seven is all business. careful around that bend. i hope the winner doesn't celebrate with too much trash talk. hey, forget the congressional s
huckabee. tonight, florida senator marco rubio on introducing mitt romney before he accepts the g.o.p. nomination. former democratic congressman archer davis why he's now a republican stumping for the romney-ryan ticket and also tonight. florida attorney general pam bondy and the evangelicals in the general election. ♪ >> welcome to huckabee. now, we are live from tampa, florida where tropical storm isaac has caused republican national convenes organizers to cancel the monday night session and of course revise the schedule. over of the course of the next four days, the republican party is going to formally nominate mitt romney as candidate for president. there's going to be the usual, red, white and blue balloons, funny hats worn by otherwise perfectly normal people. patriotic music and bands and stickers, and long lines of people, waiting to get in, get out. eat, and just wait and this year dodging bad weather. the purpose of the elaborate staging and coordinated programming is to convince americans that president obama has pitched all the game he can and it's time to call mit
if you look at this by the people in the florida keys right now, particularly key west. that's the bull's-eye right now. tropical storm isaac, rainmaker. yes, hurricane not yet. want you to look at these people on miami beach right now. no emergency there. just high winds and a challenging day on the beach. there's plenty to worry about in the gulf coast of florida, though. tropical storm isaac chugging its way north and west of the path projected just a few days ago. want to bring in our meteorologist now, cnn's chad myers in the severe weather center. exactly, chad, where is this storm officially expected, when and where to make landfall? >> it probably made landfall just a few minutes ago right near ft. jefferson near an island in the key west chain, but there's not a bridge there so you have to take a boat. key west is right there. that's the end. and tmoving right over the top f that into the gulf of mexico here. and that water right here is hot. that's all i can say about it. very, very warm. we are still seeing quite a few rain bands coming onshore here across parts of south flor
in the united states but florida could dodge the bullet, instead, just brushing by isaac. but new orleans may now be in isaac's sights. we have correspondents spread across the region. you see along the florida coast in particular and all wait down to the caribbean for starters where isaac first started to touch land. isaac right now, however, is lashing the florida keys right now. that's where we find cnn's john zarrella. gosh, it looks calm right now even though the water is moving rapidly. describe what's happening. >> that's right. we're watching this storm. it's been moving so fast, i think around 20 miles an hour or more now. we're beginning to wonder if the center of the storm is already -- is a lot closer to us or over us now. you're right, a couple of hours ag the waves were crashing all along here, a lot of white caps on in protected inlegality here. the buoys were going and all those sailboats in this protected harbor area, also bobbing around and feeling it. the wind and the rain, much stronger a couple of hours ago. look down here, fredericka. that's sunset island over there. eve
that romney and ryan will leave florida on their official romney/ryan planes after a final rally at the airport in the airport hangar tomorrow. in ryan's speech last night, talking with david, it did get people on their feet a crowd pleaser. one thing we saw with the cutaways, you can see the tears on the face of governor walker as ryan was onstage and wept on the attack, though, when it came to medicare and the obama team quickly responding with paul rye's as being misleading. let's look at ryan and that ad. >> whatever your political party, let's come together for the sake of our country. join mitt romney and me. let's give this effort everything we have. let's see this thing all the way through. let's get this done. >> even with all the hidden taxes to pay for the healthcare takeover, even with the new law and new taxes on nearly 1 million small businesses, the planners in washington still didn't have enough money. they needed more. they needed hundreds of billions more. so they just took it all away from medicare. >> $716 billion funnel out of medicare by president obama. >>
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